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Another Empty House

Took a walk in my neighborhood last weekend and came across a young family with two small children moving out of their home. They were struggling to load a sofa and I stopped to help.   It is a lovely, modest home, not an outrageous McMansion.  The guy got laid off from work a year and a half ago, and they could not make it on the salary of the wife – a school teacher.  They just wanted a stable life for their family.  You know, the kind of life that Idaho is always bragging about.  The quality of life, particularly for families, written about in magazines in the last 10 years.

Unless they already moved other stuff, I did not notice any outrageous purchases.  In fact the moving van was small.   No big fancy boats or other recreational vehicles that folks often look to as a sign of “mismanagement” of money.

It is a nice section of neighborhood close to a school with other families.  I can imagine they had dreams of settling in, kids playing in the neighborhood, enjoying what the Treasure Valley had to offer.  I did not ask when they bought their house –  as in before or after the bubble burst. Nor did I quiz the guy about how often he was looking for work, or where had he been looking. No rude accusations that I have heard all too frequently from our supportive leaders here in Idaho – “Have you been watching TV all day, or are you out there looking for work.”

Too late for that as the house was in foreclosure and they were moving in with her parents.

They want to stay in Idaho.  Just another story of good, hardworking people who had a dream of homeownership, want to work, give back to the community, and enjoy Idaho.  Now the house stands empty, added to the inventory of other empty homes in the block.


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