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HB 404

HB 404

Dear Senator,

In support of Occupy Boise and their place at the Courthouse protest area.  Please allow them to continue their work.  The site is a good use of public land.  They are a strong and visible symbol of the extreme inequities and hardships that continue.

The escalating costs of living, higher education, outrageous cost of medical care juxtaposed with a lack of jobs available and low wages is the eyesore.  Hardworking folks are daily losing their homes and people who love Idaho are forced to relocate.  It is extremely unfortunate that you are using your precious time now in this venue while the people you are representing make choices between food on the table or medical care.

Please let them remain.

Thank you,

Susan Emerson


February 1, 2012 Posted by | Oddments Editorial | Leave a comment