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Hey – Just Go Get a Job!

My Facebook post a couple of weeks ago – this was On My Mind: 

Susan grows increasingly dismayed, cranky, and hostile over judgments such as “People who are unemployed like being unemployed.” Or, “Go get a job, you could have one if you wanted.” My unemployed friends just love spending every day crafting resumes, networking, competing with at least 100 or more for jobs that include the gamut – from fast food restaurants to professional positions. They enjoy potentially losing their homes, and leaving a community they love, having to make decisions between food on the table and medical care. These are wonderful hardworking people who want to work, make a decent living, stay in the Treasure Valley, and participate in all it has to offer as well as give back with their volunteer time.


January 13, 2012 - Posted by | Oddments Editorial

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  1. Wonderful write up Susan…People are so entrenched in the rhetoric of “The American Dream.” They can’t let it go even when its crumbling right in front of their faces. It like the old adage of the frog and the boiling pot of water, this has been coming on just slow enough for people to adjust to the heat, but we are about to boil over and I for one am oddly looking forward for the change with anticipation. Our life styles are unsustainable, our planet is dying, we are at war, women are treated as second class citizens and children are starving. In what way could this be a dream existence for anyone? We are all connected and as one we are a powerful force foe change…I can’t wait!


    Comment by Terry | January 15, 2012 | Reply

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